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The River Mur 

Flows through Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and parts of its course form the border between the three countries. The river Mur arises 1,898 m above sea level in the "Niedere Tauern" in Salzburg. Continues flowing as the main river through Styria and its capital Graz. In southern Styria, it forms the border with Slovenia. After 453 km it flows at Legrad on the Croatian-Hungarian border into the Drava.

Nature and the Environment:

In the reservoir above the "Murkraftwerkes Gralla" are living all kind of water birds. At the observatory you can watch several species of ducks, swans and herons. With some luck, you might even see a kingfisher. Because of the damming and the raising of the water table landscapes could be gained. Next to the river where there is no agricultural use exist wetlands or riparian forests. The typical plant species such as marsh marigold can be found in the meadows or forested grounds next to the River Mur. In 2001 the River Mur was chosen to the "River of the Year" by the Styrian Government.


One of the benefits of the River Mur in Styria is the chane of operating power stations. Four more projects are planned in the area around Graz. An expert`s advise for the barrage „Gratkorn“ was obtianed in June 2010 which certifies the negative impact to the actual stock of fishes. After the completion of the barrage 21 kinds of fishes will extensively vanish. Grayling and hucho, hucho - red listed already - will be most effected. Proposed  „fish ladders“ might help bur only to get them into the next tailback. Many kinds of fishes in the River Mur need funning waters for reproduction.  


Floating mills on the River Mur

There are still three of the now rare floating mills. The first of the three floating mills on the River Mur  is located in Mureck, between Spielfeld and Bad Radkersburg on the Slovenian border. The second mill you will find in Slovenia near Veržej,  known as "Babič-mlin. The mill is operated in private hands.
The third floating mill is situated in the triangle of Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary on the Croatian waterside. All these mills are popular destinations for tourists.

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The source of the river Mur
The source of the river Mur
The nature
The nature
The mills next to Mureck
The mills next to Mureck